TREW Media’s principle photographer is Tim Wheeler, BA (Hons) a classically trained commercial and advertising orientated photographer with an artistic love for landscape and portraiture. Tim studied photography in the USA and England where he grew up.

Tim has the ability to contextualize the natural relationship between subject and environment in adherence to the marketing goals producing images that stand the test of time for clients. In addition to fully portable studio shooting equipment and lighting, he enjoys working closely with natural light across all subjects and mediums.

Our equipment is not limited to 35mm DSLRs. In addition to an entire stable of lenses including primes, 1:1 macro and perspective-control, TREW Media also owns and utilizes high-end European-made digital and film medium-format and high-performance professional still cameras.

TREW Media, Inc provides their clients with both RAW and edited images for use in perpetuity.

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