Lighthouse PSA

Lighthouse of The Big Bend received a new public service announcement at no cost thanks to The American Advertising Federation Tallahassee and a donation of production from TREW Media, Inc. We really enjoyed filming this for the Lighthouse with our … Continue reading

New Body New Attitude

This short, fun animated video we produced for New Body-New Attitude highlights the technique of kinetic-typography.

TCC WorkForce IT

An example of kinetic-typography. This commercial for Tallahassee Community College won several awards across the country.

TCC “Rockwall”

“Reaching new heights”. How better to show someone’s journey in further education than rock climbing?! As you can see, we put vertigo behind us to get the shots we need!

TCC Wakulla Environmental Institute

Produce for Tallahassee Community College. Filmed on location at the Wakulla and St. Marks Rivers, Florida. Between running-a-ground on a sandbank in the Gulf of Mexico on the coldest day of the year and dealing with swarms of “No-See-Ums” flies … Continue reading

Whole Food Markets

Produced for Whole Foods Markets, this video tells the story of “Dominick’s Seafood” of Bayou La Batre, Alabama. This was a wonderful shoot that took the film crew out on an overnight shrimp fishing trip on the Gulf of Mexico. … Continue reading